Midgett Productions | A full-service, multimedia production company that tells big stories
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Midge /mij/ noun

  1. A full-service, multimedia production company that tells big stories.
  2. A small, two-winged fly.

DOCUMENTARY. REALITY TV. STORYTELLING. Midgett Productions, LLC is a new kind of production company. We bring the stories of people, communities, and businesses to life, whether it’s branded or digital content, reality TV, or documentaries. Tell us your story, and we will share it with the world.

Midgett Productions, LLC was founded by Emmy-award winning producer Linda Midgett. An accomplished showrunner, director, producer and writer, Linda has supervised and created more than 600 hours of programming for networks including NBC-Universal, History Channel, Discovery, A&E, PBS and SPEED. Her series credits include Gangland, Starting Over (3 Emmys), Neale Bayly Rides: Peru, and FBI: Criminal Pursuit. Linda has also produced several award-winning documentaries, including The Line, The Greek-Americans of Charlotte (Emmy) and Through My Eyes (Voice Award).